Sale: Peanut-free Fresh & Wet Walnuts, Green Walnuts, Regular Walnuts & Red English Walnuts from California!

Sale: Regular Walnuts, Fresh & Wet Walnuts, Green Walnuts, & Red English Walnuts from California!


NUTS FOR SALE: New crop harvested!  Buy healthy omega-3 California English Walnuts:  Insecticide-FREE, peanut-FREE, manure-FREE, Big-8 allergen-FREE, tax FREE, hormone FREE, FREE-range old-timey plump & crunchy walnuts. The U.S. FDA now specially recommends walnuts at 1.5 oz. per day!
NOTE: As of Feb. 1. 2015. we have all shelled walnut varieties in stock but are sold out of both inshell Chandler and Tulare and still have plenty of inshell Vina and Yolo Red©.  You can easily order, as well as check which walnut varieties are sold out, from the walnut CATALOG (instead of e-mailing down below) by going to the 2nd page on the panel to the left. Your catalog order will then generate an automatic e-mail to Haag Farm and we will respond with a price quote & credit card (or check) payment button, including shipping, for your final OK.

?????? Walnut choices below: ?????? 
5 lb. minimum shelled/inshell newcrop crunchy wholesome BULK walnuts for sale...pick the variety (or a mix) you wish.  You have many choices!

---> For decades, HAAG FARM has specialized in growing nutritious insecticide-free (and peanut-free) WALNUTS in a manner as close as desirable to the old natural way practiced by our grandparents!
(We use biological controls with both mild herbicides & walnut leaves over the tree rows, chipped walnut prunings & compost over the entire orchard floor, and very pure UN-32 fertilizer in a very, very squeaky clean orchard.)

For shipping these same bulk walnuts in sturdy cardboard boxes, where shipping to your door is additional but there is ZERO tax & ZERO handling charges, please see below:

1) Do you want them IN the shell or cracked OUT?
2) How many pounds (minimum=5) do you want shipped to you?
3) Make a choice: do you want the largest nuts & pieces with balanced full-spectrum flavor (Tulare), the lightest color & greatest number of halves for decorative as well as taste-treat purposes (Chandler), the darker medium-sized more intense flavored (Vina), or the new
natural red-skinned creamy flavored (Yolo Red) or a mix of some of the above? Specify letter T, C, V, Y, or M

Example: IN8T means send inshell 8 pounds of Tulare walnuts or IN15Y means inshell 15 pounds of Yolo Red (Either 6 or 10 lbs. of inshell just fills a USPS box.) 
but OUT20M means send shelled 20 pounds of mixed nutmeats (kept separate though, in different plastic bags). OUT4V4Y means 4lbs. Vina & 4lbs. Yolo Red shelled.  (Either 8 or 12 lbs. shelled just fills the USPS box.)

---> E-mail or mail or, if you can wait up to a month extra, call (Message-Only) at (530) 787-3603 (NO voice services available at this number!  The family is out in the orchard daily & thus can't cover the phone.)
---> 1) An order such as IN25C or OUT8M;
---> 2) with your address; and
---> a subsequent payment of $3.65 per pound for IN ($6.50 for Yolo Red)
---> or $7.35 per pound ($12.95 for Yolo Red) for OUT, plus
---> a shipping charge (with no add-ons nor extra costs). (Just pay it all LATER via check or else credit card viaPayPal-no membership required!)

No need to pay now! (After we e-mail you confirming your order, just  activate a PayPal payment or else send a check made out to HAAG FARM, 16200 County Road 87, Esparto, CA 95627) For now please just e-mail us at (click correct Haag Family Farm BUTTON below) with your WALNUT ORDER and NO PAYMENT: (Example: 13-pound e-mail order: IN5T8Y to 99 Ivy St, Smithy,IN 45678)

Additionally, ask any questions by clicking on the e-mail button below. (Please don't phone as it disrupts our orchard operations humongously!)  We will respond with your mailing charge & total, but notice that both Handling & Sales Tax are currently FREE as a bird--->


Plump 100% insecticide-free regular tan or naturally red English walnuts...

For all walnut orders, use our e-mail address at Haag Family Farm Just use this e-mail for:
2) your ORDER, e.g., IN8T (INshell, 8 lbs, Tulare)
3) or your QUESTIONS, but
4) send NO PAYMENT now...

For walnut recipes and more information go to DiamondNuts and find out the latest ways to use fresh walnuts in food dishes and preparations; also some storage tips!

Check out the credentials of Haag Farm at Chamber of Commerce where you will find us listed among our neighbor businesses and, in fact, we serve as webmaster for this site in our small farm community of 2,000 or so.