100% bugspray-free plump walnuts in all forms by Haag Family Farm

New & now available in the U.S.!  Order
10 lbs hand-picked green walnuts (albeit theminimum is 5 lbs) anytime after May 1.

Haag Farm, www.Walnuts.US, is selling
(-June only delivery!-) 10 full lbs (about 100 green walnuts) pure whole unripe delicate
GREEN WALNUTS with semi-liquid interiors from Calif.
including shipping for a total of $130.60--or $10.95/lb with
fast 2- to 3-day Priority delivery by the U.S. Post Office.
NOTE:  Open box right away on arrival day so they can "breathe."
For Green walnut recipes now, see
GOOGLE, Martha Stewart or food
websites and cookbooks from England &
Europe & the U.S. (Do quarter or smash walnuts
on the prep day unless you are pickling them!)

Yum, yum! Now make your own:
a) Nocino or nocello cordial/liqueur (Italy);
b) Pickled walnuts (order SMALL) "succulent" (Europe);
c) Vin de Noix "nectar" (France);
d) etc. etc. etc. (Flavor any vodka!)

Please: e-mail haag@cal.net to order anytime after May 1, giving your address and how many pounds wanted
If pickling your walnuts, be sure to specify "SMALL"

The Haag Family Farm thanks you in advance!


Green walnuts in June have special flavors and aromas which disappear in ripe hardened walnuts in the autumn.



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