Available: Regular Walnuts, Fresh Wet Walnuts, Green Walnuts, & Red English Walnuts from California!
Fresh or Wet Walnuts (Sept. only) Haag Family Farm-Walnuts since 70's

Know what a single walnut leaf looks like?
This is it, with 7 to 13 leaflets on a stem.

Compound walnut leaf

Haag Family Farm-Walnuts since 70's 
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To our special FRESH wet walnut customers, ORDER anytime after August 1, please--
Firstly, if you have already ordered, just ignore this. Otherwise, just e-mail an OK if you would like 10 lbs of large fresh walnuts 3-day mailed to you at their prime @ $3.95/lb plus the $15.80 cost of Uncle Sam's fast U.S. Post Office Priority Mail. 
Please indicate in your e-mail which of these three choices is right for your tastes:
 A) Green hull without any cracks, GHWC, so ship late-August;
 B) Green hull starting to split, GHSS. so ship in early Sept.; or 
C) Green hull coming off, GHCO, so ship near end of Sept. 
Secondly, one might ask what is our 2-day delicate procedure before mailing your fresh wet walnuts each year sometime before our machine harvest:
1) When fully mature with green hulls & about 30% moisture, selecting and hand-picking off the tree the wet walnut; then placing in a single layer and
2) Leaving them out on a chilled enameled metal surface to dry off surface moisture overnight to reduce spoilage; then hand-packing one at a time and
3) 3-day shipping to your door via U.S. Mail and your postman.
   Quite a treat is in store for you!
Jim Haag
*** 30+ years of growing ultra-pure walnut products. ***


Best 5 leaflets at top


The rare RED walnut


Hand-shelled walnuts


Kids on Lake


Kids on Lake